A trickster is very different from a magician. Evan Northrup takes a background in traditional illusion and infuses it with a contemporary, creative spirit.

At the age of 15, Evan took to the streets for a trial-by-fire education in live performance… and failed spectacularly. After earning a few dollars in pennies and nickels, he was determined to improve. The years that followed took him through four countries, presenting thousands of street performances, to eventually earning his stripes. Moving off the sidewalks, Evan now performs in a host of indoor venues, entertaining at weddings, corporate get-togethers, private parties and special events. 

While he often travels the region and the country to bring magic to others’ events, Evan’s passion within the field is creating unexpected magical experiences. Working in a variety of media, he has transformed a regular art gallery into a magical exploration, a normal theater experience into a psychological thriller, and the next project will only continue to push the boundaries. With a strong background in the history and methodology of magic, Evan uses magical thinking to transfigure ordinary situations into unforgettably magical memories.

Some of Evan’s most interesting projects can be viewed here.

From reimagining traditional magic to envisioning and fashioning original pieces of impossibility, Evan Northrup puts a refreshingly modern spin on the true classics of magic.

Headshot – Peabody Essex Museum