Magic exists in a fleeting moment. It’s my job to create those unforgettably delicate experiences.

I use our secret know-how (honed over millennia of self-sacrifice) to give my audiences experiences they will treasure for years to come. The moments I design highlight the magic elements of life that exist all around us.


Why Magic?

After 10 years of musical theater, 15 years of various instruments, and 20 years of dance, magic remains the perfect balance of creative outlet and challenging work.

For the last 22 years, I have immersed myself in a beautifully esoteric world of secrecy. Magicians spend days – years, even – practicing moves so that no one will ever see them. We fuse practical psychology with sleight of hand into a lively, inspiring experience. Let me show you (some of) what I’ve created!

My Promise

I love what I do. And the only reason I get to continue creating magic is because of my clients and partners. Our team treats every event with the care and respect it deserves; we work to make sure that you and all your guests walk away with lively memories and intriguing questions that linger long after the end of the show.

-Evan Northrup