Evan Saves Halloween: Full Show


A ridiculously magical cinematic tour through Salem, Massachusetts for Halloween!

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In 2020, during the height of the pandemic, I set out to create an interactive magic show that featured my home town of Salem, Massachusetts to bring a bit of the Halloween magic to folks that couldn’t be there in person. What followed was one magician and his one camera attempting six weeks of wildly exhausting video shoots, public institution coordination, editing challenges, and live stream production.

I’m so proud of how the final product came together so my plan it to make it free for anyone who would like to take a gander!

The show is a recording of the one-night-only live stream of the event! We had people tune in (in real time) from all over the world to be a part of the initial viewing, and you can now be a part of the show to bring some Halloween fun to your streaming queue. Since it is a capture of a one-time live show, there are a few challenges on the technical end which we’ve smoothed out to hopefully improve the viewing experience.

THIS SHOW IS INTERACTIVE! There are magic effects that have been designed for you the viewer to do right at home in real time with the show! If you’re interested in playing along, you can print off the necessary Tarot Cards for free (or make your own set out of materials you have on hand)! Or, if you’d like to support my work financially, you can purchase an official set of Tarot Cards BEAUTIFULLY crafted by Salem artist Dan Buso-Jarnis. They feature historic spots around the city and are integral to the flow of the show!

The show viewing instructions can be downloaded for free – along with a PDF of the Tarot Cards. If you’d like to purchase the official printed set, select the $10 option and a printed set will be sent out to you by USPS.

At its core, this show was an experiment and a learning experience that pushed my abilities further than I thought possible at the outset. I – and those that supported the project along the way – poured countless hours of love and sweat to create something magical, silly, visually appealing, and totally unique in the magic landscape. I truly hope you enjoy!

Approximate Run Time: 82 Minutes


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