LOCK: A Stage Mentalism Piece


A fully developed stage routine involving words, Hangman, and unexpected twists!

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This is Evan’s first booklet release. It details the workings of the closing effect of his Mindless production, which ran in three different iterations over six years.

The effect allows the performer to instantly know what word the participant has selected from a dictionary. Presenting the feat within a seemingly innocuous game of Hangman, the performer can divine a huge set of words (with as much ease or difficulty as fits the context). For the final phase, the performer gets every letter of the word wrong. But as soon as the word is said out loud, the magician reveals it having been hidden in sight the entire time.

The style of the routine is strongly psychological illusion (thanks, Derren Brown!), and the routine itself can be wildly modular depending on the performing context.

Included in the booklet are sections on Construction, Techniques, Performance Notes, Full Scripting for the routine, two (2) full additional effects using the concepts (one close-up, one parlor or stage), and much more!

Please note, this item is for the BOOKLET ONLY. The booklet teaches you everything you’ll need to construct the gimmick, but if you’d like to purchase a set with the pre-made materials, select LOCK: Deluxe Edition in the Shop.

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